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Dogs in Action – Doga (yoga for dogs)

Humans have engaged in yoga since ancient times, and our modern era has seen a surge in the practice all over the world. Recently that surge even includes our best friends. Given the trend of extending human health practices to our canine companions (think canine massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, Reiki, etc.), it should come as no surprise to hear about doga, or yoga for dogs.


A growing number of yoga studios are offering doga classes, inviting dogs and their people to enjoy the benefits of yoga together. But you don’t have to attend class to get your dog in on the action. Like cats, dogs seem to have a built-in understanding of the healing and wellness-boosting properties of stretching. It’s a priority to them and most stretch thoroughly several times a day. Yoga for dogs can be a natural extension of this stretching habit—a fun, healthful, and relaxing activity you can share with your dog in your own living room with the aid of YouTube videos, DVDs, and books on the subject.


For dogs who get into the practice, yoga can promote flexibility, increased blood circulation, and quicker recovery from strenuous walks or play sessions. And for dogs who don’t quite catch on, doga sessions are a great way to spend time together while you get your stretch on.


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