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Dog walking and dog training servicing Attleboro, North Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham in Massachusetts and Cumberland Rhode Island.

Dog Walking - Peaceful Paws

Dog Walking

A well exercised and tired dog is a Peaceful dog! We will come to your home, in a time frame you request, to walk your dog. Rate depends on needs but is all inclusive (no add-ons for extra dogs, meds, special needs etc.)

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Adventure Hike

Adventure Hike (group or solo)

Space is limited

We will come to your home to take your dog out for a fun sniffing, on leash, adventure with a friend (or solo). We love to hike in all weather! You will come home to a happy, exercised, Peaceful dog!

Brandi was very good when she came home – she was too tired to be mischievous. Curled up and slept for the rest of the day! 

– Phyllis Howard (Brandi)

The pics were beautiful. She was so calm and happy when she arrived home. Adventure hikes are wonderful!

– Amy S. (4.23.21)

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Dog Training Peaceful Paws Pet Care

Force Free and Fear Free Dog Training

Jenni Coes CPDT-KA, the owner of Peaceful Paws and Wiggle Butt University practices only, Positive force-free dog training methods. We will never advise you to use any type of “training collar”. Jenni is a nationally certified dog trainer that practices only science based, humane methods of training puppies and dogs.

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Pet CPR and First Aid classes

Pet CPR and First Aid classes

(ProPetHero certified instructor)

Jenni Coes, owner of Peaceful Paws, is a certified Pet CPR and First Aid instructor. She teaches Pet Parents all over MA, RI and CT, how they can save their pets from choking, when and how to apply CPR and also to feel confident in tending to first aid issues. Her classes specialize in “Muttgyver” techniques. These are techniques you can use with everyday items, usually on you, to help your dog in an emergency. The first step to being a calm and confident pet parent in an emergency begins with You!

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doggy chauffeur

Doggy Chauffeur

Life can get hectic. Time is unbelievably valuable to us all, but so are our furry friends! There is nothing like the feeling of going home after a long stressful day to see a happy wagging tail greeting us, or the soothing feeling of your cat’s purr as you cuddle up in bed together!

But what happens when your furry loved one gets sick and you have truly little time to sit around in the car, waiting at the vet’s office. Let us help you and your pets.

Just give us a call (508) 451-6779 and we will arrange the appointment for you. The vet will call you with the information they need about your appointment and to collect payment. A Peaceful Paws Doggy Chauffer will pick up your beloved pet, take them to the vet, wait in our car, and then return the vet receipt and your baby back home safe and loved! Available within 15 mile radius from Plainville, MA

You are amazing and taught us so well!

He definitely has some work, but the both of us already notice a huge difference and change in him! I am so happy! Thank you!! 

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