Dog in the Spotlight – Borzoi

The history of the Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, dates back to 17th century Russia. Bred in a wide array of colors to hunt prey ranging from rabbits to wolves, these sight hounds were so valued in Tsarist Russia that prior to the 1917 revolution the only way to acquire a Borzoi was as a gift from the Tsar himself.


The Russian Tsars weren’t alone in their admiration of these beautiful dogs; Borzois continue to appear throughout modern culture. The Borzoi is the symbol of the Alfred A. Knopf publishing house and Borzois feature in many works of literature, including Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned. Borzois often find themselves in films as well. Consider Boris in Lady and the Tramp, for example, as well as cameo roles in such pictures as Legends of the Fall, Excalibur, and Bride of Frankenstein.


Unlike in Tsarist Russia, today anyone can enjoy the company of a Borzoi. Interested in providing a Borzoi a home (and plenty of exercise)? Search online for a nearby rescue organization.


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