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Dog in the Spotlight – The Siberian Husky

If you’ve got a Siberian Husky, you’d better have a reliable vacuum cleaner (or maybe an army of Roombas). These gorgeous dogs are heavy shedders, built as they are for Arctic climates. Their beautiful coats and stunning faces have won them many a dog lover’s heart, as have their intelligence. Originally bred by the Chukchi in eastern Siberia for sled-pulling, guarding, and companionship, Huskies were introduced to North America during the Nome Alaska Gold Rush in the early 20th century for sled-dog racing.


Huskies have starred in many movies and TV series over the years, most recently Game of Thrones. This show has been connected to a large increase in interest in the breed, which unfortunately has also resulted in an increase in Huskies finding themselves at public shelters.


Dogs bred for extreme activity require plenty of outlets for physical activity and mental stimulation. If you’ve got the time and energy for a Siberian Husky, search online for a rescue organization near you.


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