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Force Free, Fear Free, Peaceful and Positive Dog Training that makes their butt Wiggle!

We will *never* recommend the use of an electric collar, Choke chain or pinch collar.

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Unlimited Group Classes Training Program

Only $250 a month for Unlimited Dog Training Classes at Off the Leash

  • No more waiting for classes to begin. Start today!
  • Choose from at least 12 days per month!
  • Go at the pace of your dog.
  • Attend classes when it is convenient for you.
  • Classes offered on weekends and week nights
  • Fun for dogs of all ages.
  • Positive and Peaceful Training Methods.

*You must upload proof of the Required vaccinations (Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella) at Registration

**Attend as many classes as you want per month; NO MAKEUPS WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Get Started with Our Unlimited Group Class Training Program!

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Therapy Dog Training Course and Certification

*New* Now offering Virtual Training Programs

Therapy Dog Training Course and Certification

Does your dog love to get attention from everyone they meet? Does your dog love going on adventures to meet new people? Does your dog need a job? If so, this program is perfect for you and your dog.

Our proven methods will teach you how to best communicate with your dog and grow a mutually respectful relationship. Deepen your bond by visiting others that could benefit from the Love only a Dog can bring.

Our Therapy Dog Training Program is the first step for you and your dog to begin volunteering for our busy Peaceful Paws Pet Therapy group.

This Virtual Program will teach you:

  • How to read your dog’s body language
  • 12 essential behaviors every Therapy Dog should know
  • How to solve simple behavior issues
  • Types of visits and what to expect
  • The benefits therapy dogs can provide
  • How to condition your dog to handling and public access
  • How to advocate for your dog

Our prerequisites for your dog are:

(There is no age limit for dogs entering the program)

  • Fully potty trained
  • No behavioral issues
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Well groomed
  • Sociable
  • Enjoy handling by strangers

The program includes:

  • Goodie box with all the supplies you will need for training
  • 12 virtual training sessions (30-45 min sessions)
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • Weekly homework assignments (in your home and out in public)
  • 1 session for Evaluations and Therapy Group Certification
  • Free phone and email access to your private trainer for support 1 year after graduation from program
  • First year Therapy Group membership fee
  • Peaceful Paws Pet Therapy group T-shirt, ID Badge, and Therapy Dog patch

Cost: $999

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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

Puppy parents will learn a proven process and receive a customized plan to reduce overwhelm, improve their puppy’s behavior, and regain tranquility in their home.

  •  The whole family will be on the same page for their dog’s training.
  • Immediate relief from puppy behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing.
  • Confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your puppy.
  • Your household will be properly set up to manage your new puppy inside and out.
  • Potty training, crate training and other puppy issues solved in an easy to follow plan.

What’s included?

4 week program that includes:

  • Initial Goal setting Session with Behavioral Consult
  • 5 Private Lessons
  • Blue-9 Balance Harness and Leash Set
  • Essential Puppy Toys
  • Customized Homework
  • Treat pouch and Clicker
  • AKC STAR Puppy Evaluation

Expected Curriculum

  • Starting basic obedience & manners
  • Potty training
  • Dog behavior basics

Cost: $750

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Family Dog Fundamentals

Family Dog Fundamentals

You’ll learn my proven process to turn a rambunctious young dog into an attentive, engaged companion with a customized training plan for your specific goals.

  • Be proud of your dog’s behavior around friends and family.
  • Relax knowing your dog will listen and won’t embarrass you.
  • Feel confident communicating with your dog.
  • Build a life-long bond quickly and easily.

What’s included?

4 week program that includes:

  • Initial Goal setting Session with Behavioral Consult
  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 2 Day Training Lessons (without owner)
  • Treat Pouch and Clicker
  • Training Toys
  • Blue-9 Balance Harness and Leash Set
  • Customized Homework

Expected Curriculum 

  • Greeting manners
  • Basic obedience foundations: Sit, recall/come, stay, place, down, wait, intro to loose leash walking
  • Dog behavior basics.
  • Household management

Cost:  $875

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Individual Behavior Consult/ Private Training Session

Individual Behavior Consult/ Private Training Session

Need some advice? Have an issue that you need help solving? We will come to your home for a private consult to help you with your pressing issues. This is not a long-term solution for behavioral issues.


Jenni is the absolute best! We’ve watched our puppy learn and improve within seconds of Jenni showing us training techniques. Jenni has even been kind enough to answer our panicked texts of how to handle situations outside of our normal training time, which have always resulted in improved behavior with our puppy. We also love that the program doesn’t require any shock collars or punishments. You and your dog will be so happy with Peaceful Paws!

Rachel M.