The Right Rest

Regular exercise is key to keeping your dog in tip-top shape. It’s also key to enjoying your dog’s best behavior. Keep your dog well exercised and he’s likely to reward you with more behavior you like (like snoozing while you make dinner or attend that Zoom meeting) and less you don’t (like barking, attention seeking, or inappropriately-timed race-track circuits around your living room).


But the right amount of rest is equally important. Dogs are programmed for plenty of napping, and both their health and behavior can suffer when they don’t meet their sleep quota. If you and the kids are home more these days, be sure your dog is still getting his downtime. Some quiet time in a crate (provided he likes his) or in another room away from all the extra activity can do wonders if your dog appears agitated or over-stimulated.


How much rest your dog needs depends on his age, activity level, and temperament. Puppies and seniors will want more naps than young adults, but every dog can benefit from the right amount of rest.



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