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Does My Dog Need To Wear A Collar?

Plenty of pet owners make the mistake of thinking their dogs don’t need a collar. “Rover never goes out of the backyard without a leash,” some insist, and that’s true—up until the moment Rover slips through the fence. “Sadie hates wearing a collar,” others sigh, not realizing that comfort is no trade-off for safety. Out of all the dogs that go lost or missing every year, no more than 20 percent of them return to their homes. That’s because the majority don’t have collars, tags, or other means of identification. No one wants to think about losing their pet, but it is a possibility. Wouldn’t you prefer knowing whoever finds your doggo will know where he belongs?


Why Does My Dog Need a Collar?


  • It is often a legal requirement: In most areas, if your dog gets lost and does not have their collar and tags on them you could end up with a good sized fine from your local animal control authority. This may not be true in rural areas, but for most pretty populated places this is a common law.
  • In case of emergency: Sometimes tragedy strikes and our pets end up fleeing. Sadly, tornadoes and storms strike, fires ignite and people get evacuated at a moment’s notice. Even if your pet is familiar with being outdoors, they are likely to flee farther than ever in a panic. Having an ID makes it so much easier to reunite them with you. This is when you will be extremely happy to know that they have their ID securely placed around their neck.


Collar Safety Tips:


A collar is no good if it doesn’t fit properly. The ID tags won’t matter unless they’re securely attached to your pup. At the same time, it’s natural to want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible. The collar is a must, but it doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Fit it snugly around the dog’s neck, but don’t cinch it too tightly. The general rule is that two fingers should slide easily beneath it.

The collar is only as good as the tags. The information on them is responsible for bringing your pup home safely. The details on it, such as your mobile phone number, physical address, and perhaps even your email address should be up-to-date and legible. Anytime your phone number or address changes, you need new tags. Place your dog’s rabies tags on his collar, too. Not only does it have info that can help to identify your pet, but it lets rescuers know that your dog has had his shots.

We all want our dogs to stay safe and if they get lost we want them home as soon as possible. ID tags play an important role in bringing dogs home. Just as we carry identification in our wallets to help us navigate our human lives, our pets deserve the same safeguard. Getting them home safely is exactly why it is important for your dog to wear a collar.





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  2. Andrew

    Owning a dog is fun and rewarding. Dog care is also a lot of work. It will require many hours of your time, a lot of patience and some of your money.

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    Thank you for explaining why a dog needs a collar. My sister has been worried about her dog and being able to keep it safe. I think she is very protective of it, and wants it to feel safe.


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