Food That Is Safe For Your Dog At A Cookout

Cookouts are the hallmark of summertime. We all love them. The sun, the company and most of all the food. There is something about the sunshine and smell of the grill that is almost irresistible. And one of the best parts of a cookout is that everyone can be invited, our furry friends included. We want to make sure that everyone, even those furry friends, enjoys the day and good food. But, what food is safe for our dogs at a cookout? We have some great ideas for you that your dog is sure to love this summer.


Top foods that are safe for your dog at a cookout


Grilled or fresh veggies

By far the best thing any of us can have at a cookout is fresh veggies. However, some of the things our dogs love the best are zucchini and sweet potatoes. They have a touch of sweetness and pack a whole lot of goodness. Other veggies to try are green beans, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower. Just make sure your dog never has any vegetable garnished with onion or garlic as these are both toxic to dogs.


Lean meat

Our dogs love a good cut of lean meat. It is a great source of protein without of fat. You do not want to give them heavily salted or fatty meat like bacon. The best for them is lean pieces of chicken or steak.


Hamburgers and hotdogs

Our dogs can also enjoy the regular hamburger and hot dog staples with us. Just make sure that the hamburger meat is cooked well done for them and doesn’t have fillers like onions or a lot of spices. Also, cut up the hot dog so it is not a choking hazard.


Peanut Butter

At a cookout one of the best things you can give your dog is a Kong full of peanut butter. It lasts for a long time which keeps them occupied. More than that, it also is a great source of healthy fats, niacin, vitamin B, and E.



Eggs can be fed raw or cooked and both have great health benefits. Raw eggs should also be fed with a shell, giving the full amount of biotin, protein, riboflavin, and selenium. Cooked eggs should be prepared plain with no salt, pepper or any other seasoning.



You can easily cook up a nice bowl of oatmeal for your dog. It’s a great source of fiber and also is packed with vitamins and minerals. It will help regulate your dog’s blood glucose levels. Just make sure that it isn’t the flavored variety with additives.

There are a lot of delicious things that we can serve our dogs at a cookout. It just takes a small amount of forethought and they will ll love you for it. Every dog loves to be a big part of the family.




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