The Top 5 Dog Toys Reviewed

Now that the holiday season is here, we naturally start to think about gifts. And who better to buy a new toy for than your bestest friend in the world, your dog! We decided to look at the best toys out there and give you a list of some things to think about this holiday season.


The Top 5 Dog Toys Reviewed



For a few years now this stuffed duck has been on the top toy list. It makes sense why our dogs love it so much, it’s a good size (13”) and it squeaks!  Reviewers are pleased with its durability because it is tougher than it appears. That means your dog can chew it, thrash it, and carry it around wherever they go.


This is also a staple among the top toys because almost every dog loves it. People love it because it is affordable and also extremely durable. It helps keep our dogs occupied and also deters them from chewing on our personal items. The hollow inside is perfect for snacks which makes it way more desirable than an old shoe.



The Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball is a great choice if your dog is very active and needs to burn off excess energy. Reviewers tend to love it because their dogs can’t get enough of it. It keeps them healthy and active. Plus it comes in two different sizes which means it works for any dog. It is a little more expensive than your average fetch ball, but because of its “fun” factor and durability, it is definitely worth it.



This adorable and extremely affordable toy is a hit with dogs and owners alike. It isn’t full of stuffing which means no mess for us or choking hazards for them.  Plus, it has three different squeaking sounds to keep your dog engaged. It’s pretty tough and is great for dogs who regularly like to rip the stuffing out of animals. They have a few different styles, but we think the Raccoon is definitely the cutest.



Here’s another excellent toy from the trusted dog toy company, KONG. This flying dog toy is made from all-natural rubber and, like other KONG toys, is durable and flexible. That makes it much better than the old plastic variety that can crack and splinter, hurting your dog’s mouth. This soft rubber toy is gentle on your dog’s mouth, as well as fun. Benefits include being easy on the mouth, made from natural rubber making it durable and flexible, and it’s has a great price to match.

What is your dog’s favorite toy? We’d love to hear about what they love and what (if anything) you plan on buying them this holiday season. After all, our dogs are our best friends and we definitely want to spoil them with the best toys on the market!



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