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Doggy Chauffeur

Pet Transportation in Plainville, MA

Life can get insanely hectic and chaotic, what with COVID-19 at the start of this year changing many people’s lives; causing countless to take on the role of teacher as well as parent. Now with the holidays quickly approaching, the sun setting earlier in the evening due to daylight savings time, it can feel like there is even less time to accomplish everything on our to-do lists.

Time is unbelievably valuable to us all, but so are our furry friends! There is nothing like the feeling of going home after a long stressful day to see a happy wagging tail greeting us, or the soothing feeling of your cat’s purr as you cuddle up in bed together!

But what happens when your furry loved one gets sick and you have truly little time to sit around in the car, waiting outside of the vet’s office. Many of us know that with new policies in measure, pet parents are not allowed within the vet clinic which can seem frustrating and like a waste of time sitting around in the parking lot.


$50 for an appointment lasting up to 1 hour and $25 for up to 30 minutes longer

What if you could avoid the entire headache altogether?!

Peaceful Paws Pet Care now offers a new service called “Doggy Chauffeur”!!

Just give us a call (508) 451-6779 and we will arrange the appointment for you. The vet will call you with the information they need about your appointment and to collect payment. A Peaceful Paws Doggy Chauffer will pick up your beloved pet, take them to the vet, wait in our car, and then return the vet receipt and your baby back home safe and loved!

How Does Doggy Chauffeur Work?

  1. We will make the appointment
  2. We will pick up the pet at desired location*
  3. We will take the pet to the vet and wait in our car while the pet goes inside to see the vet
  4. Vet will call you for information during appointment and to collect payment
  5. We will collect your receipt with vaccination history and any other items your pet may need
  6. We will return your pet to desired location*
  7. You save important and valuable time and still receive the top notch vet care your pet deserves.

*must live within a 15mile radius of Plainville, MA or extra fee may occur

doggy chauffeur

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