Did You Know? Different Doggie Nose Jobs

  1. Land mine detection: Dogs’ sensitive receptors in their noses can pinpoint mines four inches underground or more. Mine detection dogs prevent thousands of deaths and injuries every year.


  1. Scat sniffing: Dogs help wildlife researchers by locating scat from endangered species.


  1. Termite detection: Beagles and Labs are the exterminator’s (and homeowner’s) best friends. The dogs identify infestations in the hidden crawl spaces of houses that show no outward signs of termites.


  1. Truffle sniffing: Why have dogs replaced pigs as the favorite tracking animal of Italy’s truffle hunters? Pigs

tend to eat what they find. Dogs settle for a biscuit.


  1. Lifeboat rescue: When rivers flood or boats sink in lakes, dogs help track down survivors caught in vegetation.


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