How You & Your Pet Can Go Green This Earth Day

Just like us, our pets and the items they need leave a lasting footprint on our environment. Think about all of the pet-related items we throw out; waste bags, old food bowls, and bags of used kitty litter, old leashes and toys. These things really do add up. Luckily, there are lots of pet friendly options for the planet-conscious pet owner. And if you haven’t start yet, Earth Day is the perfect time to get started!  Here are some great ideas of how you and your pet can go green this April 22nd.


Steps to a Greener Life:


Recycling – One of the easiest things you can do is recycle your pet’s food containers. The paper bags and the cans are both safe to recycle. Unfortunately, most recycling centers do not take plastic grocery bags. While you can take them back to the store to be recycled, you can also repurpose them as waste bags for your pet.


Buy in bulk– When you purchase your pet food or even toys in bulk you tend to save on needless packaging. The less packaging, the less resources used to produce or recycle the material and it also cuts down on waste that isn’t recyclable.


Use reusable grocery bags – Reusable bags are always the best option when shopping for you and your pet too. They drastically cut down on the waste of plastic bags. And if you’re wondering about what to use as waste bags, don’t worry! You can also use cereal bags or even packaging from online shopping. In fact, there are lots of things you may be absently mindedly throwing away that could be repurposed to pick up waste.


Make “up-cycled” toys – Paper towel rolls, plastic bottles, rope and some treats can be all you need to make great toys. Throwing out an out tupperware container? Reuse it by cutting and sanding down holes in the sides and create your own treat puzzle.


Donate – A good rule of thumb is, “don’t waste, donate!” We all have pet products that our pet didn’t like, outgrew too fast, or simply don’t use. Instead of throwing out your gently used pet products, why not donate to your local shelter? Shelters often need items such as bedding, leashes, litter boxes, towels, and toys.


Cut out plastic bottles – We all need to stay hydrated, especially when we’re out at the park with our dog. But plastic bottle waste has become a real problem. Purchase reusable BPA free bottles and take them with you instead. If you’re out and have to buy a plastic bottle, reuse it a couple of times with your own filtered water and then make sure to recycle.


As the world’s population grows so does our carbon footprints. With the ease and convenience of so many disposable products trash is mounting at alarming levels. That’s why it’s so important that we all do our part to decrease the amount of waste we produce.



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